Object-Orientated Design with Patterns Master Class launched


Faculty Training Institute, leading education provider, has launched a master class in Object Orientated Design with Patterns course designed especially for systems analysts, developers, business architects and systems designers. The course will help IT professionals gain an in depth understanding of object-orientated design practices and techniques.

Most of the cost and work effort on modern commercial applications is actually expended over the extended life of the system in the form of enhancements, bug fixing and extensions once the application is live.

Well-designed applications will show significant benefits and payback over the systems life, resulting in significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the system.

FTI?s three day course has a strong focus on ensuring that course delegates develop an in-depth understanding of what constitutes good object-orientated design.

Systems and applications that are well designed are easier to build, easier to fix, easier to enhance and therefore easier to extend. This ultimately means faster deployment, quicker testing and bug repair and more stable applications with fewer resources.

"The course is a synthesis of best practices as described by the leaders in the object orientated industry and the emphasis is on providing practical guidelines and techniques that attendees can use in their work environment,' says Steve Erlank, MD of FTI.

"The ideas and concepts covered in the course go a long way to enabling the delegates to deliver on the real benefits of OO, namely to produce systems that do not deteriorate over time. Each delegate will walk out of the course with practical ideas that can make a difference in the code and designs they develop going forward,' explains, Tony Yunnie, OODP course Architect.

The course comprehensively covers the general principles of object-orientated design which are the concepts and techniques that apply irrespective of the language used or the environment in which the application will run.

It considers what is important to make applications "developer friendly? in the majority of languages and operating environments.

Delegates attending the course will be introduced to key object-orientated concepts using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) as the basis for discussion.

The course also gives an in-depth description of the 5 design principles that will drive out well designed applications.

The increasingly complex exercises worked into the programme will develop a practical understanding about how to implement good design principles, culminating in the analysis of selected Design Patterns which allow analysts, developers and designers to more quickly implement best-practice designs in their applications.

Faculty Training Institute has a 21 year track record of providing training excellence and skills development for professionals who conduct knowledge work.

This community comprises not only professional individuals within the IT industry but also individuals from knowledge domains where high order thinking and the ability to innovate and solve problems is prized.

For information in the on the Object Orientated Design with Patterns course commencing on 7 February in Cape Town, 24 January in Johannesburg and 23 February in Durban, or to view FTI?s other programmes for professional Business Analysts, Systems Analysts or Test Analysts, please contact Kate on 021 6834506 or [email protected] or visit www.fti.co.za