Office Administrators: Enter the ninjas

“The administrative profession is seen as less important than other professions. It is called the “vital, yet overlooked, profession,” says Joan Burge author and pioneer in administration.

“Overlooked”...shocking! Because, let’s be honest, office administrators are NINJAS! They keep entire offices running smoothly whether they are ensuring that meetings are organised, catering needs are met, facilities run smoothly or they are serving as a source of centralised knowledge.

And while these ninjas provide an invaluable service, they often get the short end of the stick.

Imagine a day without your office administrator; the aircon breaks, someone has double booked a meeting room, the courier mixed up a delivery...there are so many small things we take for granted that the office administrator holds together.

When people comment on a beautiful house, it’s unlikely they would mention the foundation upon which the house is built and, essentially, that’s what office administrators are; the foundations and the structural pillars of the office.

Office administrators make everything look effortless. They take pride in what they do and pay attention to detail, but this actually takes practice. Gary Player famously said, “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. Those in the office are the lucky ones, because the office administrator is constantly practicing.

These ninja’s are also very good at multi-tasking. They can juggle projects, sort out travel arrangements and answer your questions at the same time! They need to be adept at writing and have excellent communication and presentation skills, and they seem to do this concurrently. Ninja skills!

Office administrators always think ahead, consider what may potentially cause a crisis, then put their ninja skills in place to avert it. They make the office tick with Big Ben consistency.

Their role has evolved so much. Office administrators are not just secretaries with fingers poised over type writers, while someone dictates. They are an integral cog in the office chain. Where you have people facing clients and bringing in business, you also have those who are behind the scenes ensuring that systems, procedures and everything in between are held together and implemented seamlessly.

These Ninjas are, quite simply, the pillar of a successful business!

The office administrator position is one which requires recognition. It’s like the internet – we expect to have high speed connection, but we don’t expect not to have it until we don’t! So why then do these office ninja’s get overlooked when it comes to training? If we upskill the office ninja can you imagine how things would move to the next level!

CorporateWise has put together a credit bearing Business Basics workshop. It covers all of those vital aspects that are critical to success and will take your office administrator to the next level. From the basics of customer care, to exploring business ethics to writing and presentation skills, we cover the vital elements that will give office Ninjas the edge. And don’t panic, we won’t take your vital resource out off the office for long! The workshop is run over a three month period for just two days a month. So invest in your office administrator and give them credits, figuratively and literally!

Quote the reference SPNA for a 10% discount on this workshop for more than 5 delegates. We will also give delegates a Clarity4D profile. This will assist in enhancing their communication skills so that they better understand their own communication style and the communication styles of others.

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