Online reporting for designated employers


Designated large employers who are due to submit their Employment Equity Reports on 1st October this year stand to benefit from a new online reporting system.

Employers with the staff complement of 150 employees or more can now submit their reports electronically - through the Department of Labour's website

The department says the new system will enable employers to securely and directly relay reports to the exact or responsible managers. The data supplied will therefore be validated automatically.

"There will be no query letters sent as co-responses to employers, no delays as previously experienced due to postage, and employers will have an advantage of working on the system as much as they desire - and the information will be stored automatically."

To access the system, the Department has already begun supplying user names and passwords to large employers according to records of previous submissions.

Employers who need further assistance should dial the call centre number 086 0101018.

Meanwhile, the department has embarked on a nationwide employment equity road show campaigns aimed at promoting awareness and compliance with the legislation.

The campaigns began on 22 August and will last until 19 September.

While the Employment Equity Act calls for reports to be submitted on the 1st of October, as this falls on a Saturday this year the Department will allow reports to be submitted on Monday 3rd.