An Online Training System Your Employees Will Love

Rise is an online training system that is easy to use. With Rise, you get everything you need to manage your online training in one simple, intuitive system.

Every feature in Rise makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage.

It's easy to distribute, track, and analyze your content. Publish your training to your library. Then organize courses into categories for easy discovery. You can even set due dates, so learners know exactly when they need to complete training. And if you have guides, presentations, job aids, and other informal training content, simply publish to your library without a due date or completion requirement.

People can search for training by topic, or filter by author or date. You can also create a guided learning path that makes it easy for people to go deeper on a particular subject. Just give your learning path a name, and select the courses you'd like to include. Then assign training to your learners. You can add individuals or entire groups, and enroll them in courses and learning paths in minutes. Rise automatically generates reports so you can track and analyze their training progress. Learner reports let you drill into an individual for a detailed view, including the courses they've completed, the time they've spent learning, and their quiz scores. Reports for courses and learning paths give you a clear view of how they're performing, by showing things like enrollees, their progress, and their due dates. Rise also allows you to export reports to PDF and CSV for easy sharing.

And that's why Rise is the simple way to manage your online training.

Anyone can create courses, guides, and other training content in Rise.

Make it super easy for employees to share what they know and for managers to educate their teams.

Added bonus:

  • Easy to create
  • Enjoyable to take
  • Simple to manage

Web-based course creation
Easily create Rise content in a web browser. There’s no app to download, no learning curve. Give everyone the power to share what they know in Rise.

Custom lessons
Create unique lessons with modular media, text, and interactive blocks. Customize each block with your content and stack in any order you want.

Business content
Add carefully researched content lessons to your courses. Rise has an extensive collection of modular, fully customizable lessons on business topics relevant to every employee. Easily mix them with your own content to develop custom courses faster.

Image library
Easily add beautiful images to your training content. Rise includes a library of more than 3.5 million photos and illustrations.

Samples and templates
Build engaging, interactive lessons quickly using gorgeous customizable sample courses and templates. Simply add your text and media, and Rise does the rest.



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