Over 48 000 Teachers & Staff Vaccinated

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The Department of Basic Education is currently celebrating its first successful day of the vaccine rollout. 

According to a preliminary report released by the Department of Health, over 48 000 teachers and staff were successfully vaccinated on day 1 of the vaccine rollout. 

This figure does not include the Western Cape and Limpopo, as they will start administering the vaccine on Thursday and Friday. 

So far, the Western Cape has only recorded about 30 people as vaccinated for the purposes of the launch.

The department said Limpopo will vaccinate teachers over two weeks, starting this Friday and Saturday. 

“Limpopo didn’t vaccinate [on Wednesday] in line with their plan. The province will vaccinate over two weekends, starting this Friday and Saturday, and will then conclude next week Friday and Saturday,” the department said in a statement.

On the other hand, KwaZulu-Natal has vaccinated the most number of teachers and staff while the Northern Cape has vaccinated the least. 

In an attempt to get the Northern Cape on track, the department has sent out mobile teams to the province.

These mobile teams will visit small towns in the province to kickstart the rollout. 

The Department has urged all educators to stick to the schedules given to them by district offices. 

“Strict adherence to health and safety protocols is paramount at all vaccination sites. The vaccination has no age limit for all members of staff and educators in the sector,” the department said.

Minister Angie Motshekga has reminded all educators that the following staff do not meet the criteria to be vaccinated. 

  • Any person who has contracted Covid-19 in the past 30 days.
  • Any person who was vaccinated using another vaccine (Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson, under Sisonke).
  • Any person who has received a flu vaccine in the past 14 days.



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