Parents Of Matric Learners Could Face Legal Action

The Department of Basic Education has given details about how schools should handle Covid-19 cases at exam centres. All learners are officially allowed to write the final matric exams regardless of their Covid-19 status.

The department has urged parents to inform schools if a learner in their care has tested positive for Covid-19.

Parents who fail to do this or intentionally hide this from the department will face legal action.

Learners who test positive for Covid-19, have a temperature above 38 degrees or answer "yes" to two or more screening questions are required to write in isolated exam venues. 

The Provincial Education Department (PED) will be working with the Provincial Department of Health to find suitable isolation venues.

"This could be a clinic, a room in a hospital, a community hall, a church hall or any other venue, which includes the home, that is conducive to the writing of an examination." said the department in a statement.

Learners will be screened before writing and will be referred to a health facility once they have finished writing their exam.

The department will be making use of private invigilators, educators, health officials and examination officials as invigilators at isolation venues.

Educators cannot be forced to be invigilators, they can only volunteer to take on the role. 

Learners and invigilators will be expected to follow strict measures to limit the spread of the virus at the venues. Masks must be worn at all times and surgical gloves are not recommended. 

"The social distancing at an isolation venue can be extended beyond the 1.5 metre requirement, given the limited number of candidates that may be located at an isolation venue at any given time."

Exam venues will be disinfected before every exam session takes place. Learners are expected to arrive at the exam venue 1 hour 30 minutes before the start of the exam in order to allow for the screening process to take place.




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