Personalised learning: Reinventing your future

According to 3 tech giants, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Reed Hastings, the future of learning lies in a more personalised approach to education.

“Just as Netflix personalises movie recommendations based on your viewing habits and Facebook personalises your news feed, so education should more closely reflect an individual’s tastes,” reads an article on Education and Skills forums blog – ‘3 tech giants say this is the way your children should learn in the future’.

At Lectorsa we agree, and we have been developing, fine-tuning and implementing personalised learning for the last 30 years.

The key ‘ingredient’ in the remarkable testimonies received from users of our virtual solution, LAB-on-line, is the fact that it is a personalised solution. LAB-on-line has built-in algorithms, based on more than 30 years of research, that adapt to each student’s skill level, enabling the students to complete a lesson at the pace and level that works best for them. LAB also provides the teacher and the user with real-time performance reports.

These reports assist the teacher or the parent in identifying areas in which the student is struggling and enable them to address these areas accordingly.

Another contributing ‘ingredient’ to the success of LAB-on-line is the fact that it is not only a personalised solution but also a holistic solution. It rewires the brain and unlocks the user’s true potential. Some of our users’ academic average improved with a remarkable 10% while others boast with 8 distinctions in matric.

“LAB-on-Line helped with my studies, and I did well in subjects that required quick reading and comprehension. I even got A-symbols in both English and Afrikaans. I achieved my academic and study goals - 8 distinctions in my matric year with an average of 90%,” said Palesa Magudulela, who completed LAB-on-line in 2012.

The world is changing rapidly as we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution and it is our responsibility to prepare the students for jobs that might not even exist today.

Personalised learning is indeed essential to success in the 21st century and beyond and we have the results to prove it. While others might be concerned about the future of our youth – we are not.
All of us have what it takes to be exceptional. We were created for a specific purpose.

Our responsibility is to develop pivotal skills and strategies in our students, improving the way they interact with information, as this will enable them to excel in their studies and the workplace through life-long learning.

As recently stated by Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN, “Rather than to predict the future, encourage leaders to invent the future they want to see.”ii Join us as we create a better future through changing our students today!