Phase 2 Of Vaccine Rollout Kicks Off




The second phase of the vaccine rollout is in motion, and government has high hopes for the month of June. 

South Africa has been in need of additional vaccination sites in order to speed up the vaccine rollout. 

Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize has confirmed that 87 new vaccination sites have been added, as the country gears up for phase 2 of the rollout.

The Minister said 83 of the vaccination sites will be run by the government, while the remaining 4 sites will be run by the private sector. 

“We need the private sector and they are part of the system.” 

“We will continue to vaccinate healthcare workers and complete the targeted 1.2 million by the end of the week,” the Minister added.

During his address to the media on Sunday evening, the Minister also said that government aims to vaccinate 5 million senior citizens by the end of June. 

The Minister said talks for an additional 4.5 million Pfizer vaccines and another two million Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccines are expected to be finalised this week.

“We know that everyone has been very anxious to know what will happen tomorrow [on Monday] and how we will start to vaccinate our most vulnerable citizens and then move onto vaccinating the general population,” he said.

Government has started sending out communication to those who have registered to be vaccinated. Phase 2 of the rollout kicks off on Monday 17 May. 

“As we speak, SMS messages are being dispatched with invitations to vaccinate tomorrow [on Monday] and over 7 000 are being dispatched to healthcare workers and 4 288 to citizens 60 years and above.

"At this stage you cannot choose the vaccine. When you get vaccinated you will be informed which vaccine you are getting, and if a second dose is needed. You will receive the date, time and place of your second dose by SMS or a card will be issued to you on the day of vaccination if you do not have a phone. Most people will get their first and second doses at the same site."

If you have not yet registered, you can do so in 5 different ways:

1. online at
2. using the whatsapp line 0600 123456
3. by sms- dial *134*832#
4. call the COVID-19 hotline 0800 029 999
5. You can use the new QR- simply scan and follow the prompts. The QR code will be published widely and can be found on sacoronavirus website or the National Department of Health Website.


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