Planning for 2021 has never been easier!


It has been a very disrupted year for the Matrics of 2020. The year started out with such promise, but the Covid-19 lockdown meant unprecedented disruptions to schooling, leaving students feeling very uncertain about their futures and college applications.

Matrics can start to plan the end of their year now as the timetable for the final exams has been released. However, Eskilz Private College 2021 Registrations are now open. 

The pandemic rapidly changed many systems and processes, a major industry that was brought to a jolting shift, was the education industry. Schools and colleges everywhere had to relocate resources and change previously dated methods to suit this new era of learning.

Studying with Eskilz College not only offers a flexible payment plan but data-less options whereby studying anywhere at any time is available as well as affordable offers if you register for 2021 today.

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R500 secures your place with Eskilz College

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