Poll shows 80% support for continuing professional development


The most recent polls conducted by Life-Long Learning Solutions (LLLS) - which broadcasts the niche television channel, Engineering and Construction TV (ECTV), for the engineering and construction sector - show that 80 percent of respondents believe that continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for professionalizing the engineering disciplines.

The other 20 percent of respondents believe that it is the responsible thing to do.

Says Johan Gerber, CEO of LLLS: "This indicates that engineers realise that participating in CPD training and keeping up-to-date is a factor in ensuring that they maintain a competitive edge and offer clients superior service.'

In a separate poll, where respondents were asked to rate the Life-Long Learning Solutions? multimedia CPD offering - which uses broadcast, SMS, and DVD technology to bring ECTV to the engineering and construction sectors - 75 percent of respondents felt that the industry really needs this service, while 25 percent thought it was terrific.

Says Gerber: "We are very satisfied with the response to the first two programmes in the Engineers in Practice series that is sponsored by the South African Association of Consulting Engineers.

"The rate of new registrations has increased steeply with as many as 50 coming through on a daily basis. Many of the large consulting engineering firms have registered their technicians and engineers to participate in the continuing professional development (CPD) programme, with some having more than 100 e-learners registered.'

The topics tackled by the Association through Engineers in Practice, have wide appeal and a number of independent viewers, who are not registered engineering professionals, but who work in the industry, have subscribed as well.