Public works to create 130 000 jobs


More than 130 000 jobs opportunities will be created through the
Extended Public Works Programme by the end the year according to Minister of Public Works Stella Sigcau.

She said in the first six months of the programme (ended
September 2004), about R1.5 billion was spent to ensure that the
EPWP met its target in terms of the number of work opportunities

"In its first year at least 75 000 work opportunities were
created..." she said, responding to President Thabo Mbeki's
state-of-the-nation address.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Sigcau said not only would
these opportunities be created but that the government would also
be adopting labour intensive programmes to stimulate further job
creation opportunities.

She said an expected 300 000 jobs per annum were expected to
have been created by the end of the programme's third year.

She said an agreement had been reached with the International
Labour Organisation to instruct government departments on how to
adopt labour-intensive methods, where technically and economically

"We will continue to work with provinces and municipalities to
recruit emerging contractors and supervisory staff onto the special
labour intensive contractor learnership programme," she said.