The pursuit of excellence

The IMM Business School, is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through professional, interactive training programmes and we also offer a wide range of dynamic, innovative and engaging programmes.

It has long been recognised that human capital, at all levels, needs to continue to develop their skills and keep up to date with changing policies, concepts and modern theory as well as the day-to-day challenges in business-related fields. As the world of business is changing so rapidly, individuals also frequently need to acquire new skills and expertise.

At IMM Business School, we pride ourselves on our expertise and excellence that we boast in the educational sector. Over time and with our prestigious network of partners, our programmes on offer have proven to be of immense value in terms of evolving human capital, establishing a linear approach to businesses and communities of practice within corporate environments. We offer courses, ranging from training and skills development through to business management programmes, enriching individuals and improving the overall business performance of our clients.

Customised in-house and short learning skills development programmes assist individuals, employees and companies in keeping abreast with business-related fields.
Understanding time limitations, career responsibilities and social commitments, we offer various teaching methods, whether through online studies or for companies wishing to embrace technology, coupled with a solid strategic alignment, investing in growth. With the volatility of the Rand combined with the understanding of the pressures of the South African economy, we offer a wide range of payment options to assist individuals, employees and companies. This can be discussed with our programme coordinators.

The IMM Business School specialises in fully customised corporate programmes to match your business environment and needs through the alignment of academic content with the subject matter experts in your company, adding value to the organisation. These programmes are not only aimed at the enhancement of employees, but also improving overall business performance. This ensures a return on investment through human capital development.

The IMM Business School is proudly delivered by eDegree Pty Ltd.

Specialised core competencies include:
Delivery and facilitating of face-to-face public courses
Generic corporate programmes
Corporate needs analysis (Skills Development/Higher Education training and facilitation thereof)
Corporate Programme Development and Design (customisation of programmes and facilitating thereof, alignment of programmes to your business requirements)
Programme Management (integration, coaching, mentoring and active learning programmes)
Online Short Courses
Supply, design and support of contemporary eLearning Solutions/LMS and IT Applications for your learning and development training division

Educational Categories:
Sales & Marketing Management
Business Management (all business sectors)
Leadership and HR Management
Online Courses

Offering various courses under each category to develop and empower individuals.

Empowerment, knowledge sharing and skills development
Value adding > ROI
Sustainability in the business environment
Encapsulation of productivity
up skilling