REGENT Business School offers sponsored masterclass

REGENT Business School (RBS) has facilitated a sponsored Leadership and People Management Masterclass to its key stakeholders, students, alumni and partners on the 01 – 02 November 2018 that attracted delegates from Gauteng and Surrounding provinces, Swaziland, Angola and Zimbabwe.

Leadership and People Management (LAPM) is seen as a critical construct and skill in today’s contemporary business environment. An organisation in which the employees and decision makers are effective and efficient leaders of both themselves and in their spheres of control is an organisation that is competitive, sustainable and highly effective.

Unlike management, leadership can be taught, or can it?

The Leadership and People Management programme focused on the internal and external elements that make a successful Leader by using an expository approach and methodology. The programme delved into aspects of Emotional awareness and Intelligence, Trust, Group Dynamics and organisational Culture. The programme outcomes (below) provide unique insight into the intensity and level of engagement that delegates were exposed to:

Leadership and People Management Programme outcomes:

  • The Importance of Leadership as a Fundamental Management Activity, Management vs Leadership
  • Leadership Theory, Approaches and Behaviours
  • An introduction to Personal Mastery and EQ
  • Building Trust, the Essence of Leadership, Strategic Management and Business Ethics
  • Building Ethical Standards and Values into the Culture and Contemporary Leadership Challenges
  • Managing Groups and Teams
  • Types of groups and reasons for group development/ formation
  • Group Dynamics, Teams and Characteristics of Work Teams
  • Organisational Culture Defined
  • The creation, maintenance of Culture and Managerial action related to Organisational Culture
  • Communication, Negotiation and Political Behaviour in Organisations
  • The event was attended by key stakeholders across various industries and subsectors, thus enabling a networked and cascaded learning experience for delegates.

    For additional information on how to register for our series of Masterclasses, please contact Ms Nabeela Rehman via email at [email protected] or call (011) 482 1404


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