Data & Internet Connectivity has been researched to be the largest factor in Africa that has inhibited real progress and growth on the continent. It seemed impossible to overcome.
Eskilz College now offers the disruptive edu-tech that will ensure education is put into the hands of all who need it. For the past 18 years, Eskilz College has been training and empowering youth, female and persons with disabilities throughout Africa. This Data-Less E-Learning solution means anyone can learn on any device, any where and at any time.
We are excited that we can now grant a future to all Africans without having to worry about buying data or going to use internet cafés. A once off sync with the cloud will unlock your online-offline system where learning can be done easily online with media, downloadable documents and deadlines.
This system is robust, yet has been optimised to be smaller than most apps on your phone. The system is available from any tablet, desktop or smart device. This looks to be the tool to catapult every person on the African continent to reach for the stars.

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