Registration opens for training providers


The Department of Education has opened the application process for private training providers who offer courses at the Further Education level.

Private training companies that offer courses at the intermediate level now have to register with the Department of Education. The Further Education and Training (FET) band covers levels 2 to 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) or the equivalent of the last three years of schooling.

The sector includes the 50 public FET Colleges and many private companies operating at this level. These private companies will now have to register with the Department of Education. Many have already been accredited by quality assurance bodies (ETQAs) and will now face further administrative hurdles.

However the FET division in the Education Department have been quick to point out that they are taking a staggered approach to the registration and hope to be as accommodating as possible for those seeking registration. The timeframe is also accommodating as the process will remain open until May 2006.

However training companies will still have to complete various forms and pay a R500 admin fee. To complete their registration all training providers must be registered companies - so closed corporations will not be acceptable. The DoE are also expecting private training providers to offer accredited training towards unit standards and qualifications.

The Association of Private Providers of Education and Training (APPETD) said at their annual conference in June that they would assist their members in meeting the requirements of registration.

Companies wishing to register should visit the DoE website where they can submit their contact details. An application form will then be emailed to them.