Registration weekend saw a million new voters


The Independent Electoral Commission?s final voter registration weekend
saw a total of 1 259 560 new potential voters registering to vote in the 7 May
general elections.

Briefing reporters on the outcome of the final voter registration weekend on
Tuesday, IEC chairwoman Pansy Tlakula said a record of 25.3 million South
Africans are on the voters? roll and ready to vote.

She said the new registrations lifted the overall registration level from 76.9
percent prior to the weekend to 80.5 percent of all eligible voters.

Tlakula said combined with the 1.1 million new voters who registered for the
first time in November, some 2.3 million new voters will have to be added onto
the voters? roll for the first time since 8 November 2013.

According to Tlakula, this is about 17 percent higher than the target the
Electoral Commission had set of 2 million.

Encouragingly, 79.89 percent of all new registrations this weekend or 1 006
260 are voters under the age of 30. This included:

· 691 002 voters aged 20 - 29

· 255 398 voters aged 18 and 19

· 59 860 voters aged 16 and 17

She said a further 1.48 million registered voters also used the weekend
opportunity to change their new voting station, while 183 377 people re-
registered at the same voting station.

"In total, just short of 3 million people visited our 22 263 voting stations this
weekend. That is 16 percent higher than the 2.5 million who visited voting
stations in November,' she said.

In terms of new registrations, the following are the provincial totals:

· Eastern Cape: 130 072 new voters (10.33 percent)

· Free State: 70 161 new voters (5.57 percent)

· Gauteng: 339 728 new voters (26.97 percent)

· KwaZulu-Natal: 298 652 new voters (23.71 percent)

· Limpopo: 86 835 new voters (6.89 percent)

· Mpumalanga: 97 732 new voters (7.76 percent)

· North West: 74 389 new voters (5.91 percent)

· Northern Cape: 25 332 new voters (2.01 percent)

· Western Cape: 136 659 new voters (10.85 percent)

According to Tlakula, women comprised 51.50 percent of new registrations,
while men comprised only 48.50 percent.

The overall registration level against estimated eligible population for the
provinces are as follows:

· Eastern Cape: 85.3 percent

· Free State: 85.8 percent

· Gauteng: 77.0 percent

· KwaZulu-Natal: 83.6 percent

· Limpopo: 81.0 percent

· Mpumalanga: 77.3 percent

· North West: 78.5 percent

· Northern Cape: 84.3 percent

· Western Cape: 77.8 percent

Registration has also been underway for overseas voters at South African
diplomatic missions abroad.

"As of yesterday we had received 3 521 applications for registration.

"According to figures provided by the Department of International Relations
and Cooperation (DIRCO) we anticipate

approximately 700 more
applications are being couriered to us for capturing,' Tlakula said.

Prisoner registration conducted at correctional facilities throughout the
country last Thursday and Friday resulted in 9 949 applications for registration
by inmates.

Registration remains open for eligible voters until 5pm on the day of
proclamation which is expected to be later this month.

Eligible voters can still register at their local IEC office until that day after
which the voters? roll closes. Contact details for IEC offices are available on or call 0800 11 8000.

Voters, who registered this weekend, can check their new registration
details from Monday next week by SMSing their ID number to 32810.