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When confronted with a request to write a report, many people struggle to know what to write. Mostly confusion will arise about the writing style, what to include, the length of the document and certain other factors.

The course we facilitate for “Presenting information in report format”, is intended for all persons working in administration, in commercial and non-commercial organisations. This is a fun course with group activities and individual exercises, where you will learn how to plan and allocate the resources required to maximise efficiencies in an office environment whilst minimising resource costs in achieving your objectives.

In this course we:
Relate the purpose and content, formation, frequency and recipients of a range of reports pertaining to the information needs of a selected business;
Identify certain information sources and organisational procedures for obtaining and distributing information relevant to a selected business function;
Learn how to compile reports to a selected business function, ensuring content and format are appropriate to information requirements and how to make sure reporting deadlines are met;
How to liaise with relevant parties and verify that reported information is in accordance with requirements and purpose of report.

This course has successfully been presented to various clients, including but not limited to the SAPS and NPA.

For any queries regarding this course or any other training, please contact myself, Lana Kornelius, on 012-997 2804 or email me on [email protected]

By Lana Kornelius


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