Is A Rewrite Beneficial To Matrics?

Matric Rewrite

Many people feel that having the Grade 12 learners rewrite Mathematics and Physical Science paper 2 would not be beneficial to them, however the Department of Basic Education believes that it would not be in their best interest.

Since the leak of the exam papers, Umalusi has decided that they would not certify the results of those two papers, which is why the DBE believes that a rewrite would be necessary.

According to the DBE, if the matrics do not rewrite those two subjects, the investigation will have to continue and may take months before the results are released.

Which would mean that all those learners who need their matric results to enrol into tertiary institutions would not be able to do so.

This would then mean that those learners will have to forfeit a whole academic year.

Therefore a rewrite would not be so bad, if it means that learners will not lose an academic year.



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