WIth the right attitude and energy anything is possible!


By Tony Dovale

If you speak to employers about their staff, you will typically hear comments about low skills, ineffective training, lack of ownership, no responsibility or bad performance, plus the pressures around skills development legislation etc.

If we dig a little deeper into the real challenge that presents itself to us in today’s challenging, ever changing world - that of reducing poverty by making our people more productive and competitive, we will regularly discover that quite often it’s not really a skills issue that needs to be addressed, but predominantly it’s an attitudinal and energetic issue that is our biggest challenge with people.

Attitudes and attention from service people still falls way below world call norms, ask anyone about their recent bad service experiences. Is this level of bad service really because of a lack of skill, or is it a personal attitude, beliefs or and personal energy issue?

With the right attitude and right energy levels, you can achieve almost anything, with or without the full range of skills. A person with the requisite skills, a negative attitude, bad demeanour and low energy can scupper any organisation’s intention to deliver efficiently and competitively.

The problem that regularly I see with our great pressure to train and upskill everybody is that we are missing the fundamental issues that control the quality of results. Those issues of - Attitudes, Beliefs and Socio-experiential programming, like learned helplessness, self-limiting beliefs and perspectives, low adversity intelligence (AQ) - which all rest upon a framework of Self-Awareness, Self-Management and Self-inspiration - basically personal energy management.)

Research typically reveals that around 12%-15% of training experienced is transferred back effectively into the workplace. Add to this the fact that our memory retention of materials and content, etc deteriorates quite dramatically once we leave the training site.

Most people characteristically can recall around 20% of the learnt material after a 30 day period. That’s almost like wasting 80c in every 100c of your training cost!

Recent developments in the domain of ontological coaching also brings to light the perspective on how we interact with the world is supported, or restricted, by 3 specific areas of focus; our language, our moods and our physiology.

These 3 areas have a direct impact upon delivering ever increasing levels of results. Disruptions in any one of these 3 domains can be like putting the brakes on 100% on your turbo-charged machine.

If we look at the Logical Level of Results in reverse order, we will see that every situation has, as output, a specific set of desired results or outcomes. Working from the top, backwards, the Results level is dependant upon some previous effective ACTIONS, which are dependant upon SKILLFUL actions, which are dependant upon the person having the ABILITIES to assimilate and apply the new skills learnt.

Most training focuses on the skills and actions levels, without ever addressing the real power of the levels below the Skills/ Abilities Level. Like an iceberg, they address the aspects that they can see, whilst missing the hidden fundamental issues that truly impact and control students success and results.

We have a massive challenge to rebuild our people’s adversity Intelligence and resiliency (AQ) and overcome the learned helplessness and self-limiting Beliefs and perspectives that pervade and infect our workplace.

By addressing the issues below the Skills/Abilities Level (Warmware levels), we begin to empower people to deliver authentically and effectively, with the right attitudes from the right points of view, with the right intentions, and supported upon a strong personal foundation of clear and positive, internal and external, languaging, supportive moods, that dispose a person towards effective action, and empowering physiologies, that allow for new ways of behaving.

In order to maximise our skills development efforts we must begin by addressing the "Warmware' or lower levels of people’s attitude, beliefs, programming, resilience, ways of being and "Static'.

Firstly we need to begin to create self-awareness so that people can become aware and mindful of how they are representing things internally to them selves with their languaging.

Secondly we have to opportunity to begin to engage the full person emotionally and authentically, by getting them to become aware of how their languaging creates moods and affects performance, and what can be done by them, to shift into more constructive mood space.

Thirdly by assisting people to becoming aware of how they hold their bodies, where they hold their stress, and how their physiology affects their perspectives, people can begin to take control of their moods and state.

We then can begin to rebuild their resiliency and adversity handling abilities by upgrading their limiting mental programmes and neutralising their disruptive past experiences. By measuring a person’s Adversity Intelligences and then addressing the issues or "Leaks' that negatively impact their personal state; we can begin to achieve results, way in advance of "head-based' training.

Feedback from the Emotional Intelligence fundi’s reveal that we are 90% emo-energy based and 10% logically based. We need our people’s heads, and hearts, to be engaged in the workplace and in their dealings with each other. The power in our relationships is emo-energetic, and not logically based. Success is an inside job. All results begin and end on the inside.

Tony Dovale - [email protected]