SA needs you to fill these job roles


Do you have the skills South Africa needs? A mismatch between skills and jobs has been noted as one of the leading causes of unemployment in SA.

Each year government releases a National List of Occupations in High Demand to reveal the primary skills needs in the economy and minimise potential skills shortages.

Are you pursuing a career path in line with this national list? Find out by reading through the top occupations required in the South African context.

Government and Public Service

The high demand for public service general managers, senior government officials and senior government managers proves that SA is in dire need of people who can govern the affairs of the country.

In a government or management position skills such as organisation, communication, leadership and quick decision-making are highly valued.

Do you have a desire to work in government? Now is the time to pursue this call.


Financial skills are also at the top end of the national list and include positions like chief financial officer, finance manager, payroll manager and management accountant amongst others.

In this sector skills like reporting, forecasting, financial analysis and data processing are essential. An understanding of technology and its impact on the financial services industry is also a must.


The perception that manufacturing jobs are dirty, hard or low paying can be deceiving as there are many highly skilled positions.

For example job roles like operations manager, logistics manager, warehouse manager, project builder and productions manager are in high demand.

Traditional production skills, computer automated technologies and good manufacturing practices are some of the skills needed to function successfully in this sector.


Over the last decade government has sought to boost the supply of engineers. According to the national occupations list this demand has not yet been met.

In fact production engineers, civil engineers, mining engineers, agricultural engineers and quantity surveyors are still sorely needed in SA.

Engineering skills can range from providing technical advice to liaising with suppliers.

General Jobs

Other jobs featured on the national list include sales executive, chef, child care worker, travel consultant, camera operator, coding clerk, electrician and more.

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