SA payroll to take centre stage in August


The South African Payroll Association (SAPA) has confirmed that this year?s annual National Conference, under the theme "Payroll on Broadway', is scheduled for 27 August in Cape Town, 29 August in Durban and 3rd and 4th September in Johannesburg.

This year?s theme is based on the inclusion of an Awards ceremony to recognise and reward achievers in the industry - the first time the Association is organising and hosting an awards programme as part of the annual Conference.

The event is aimed at a broad audience including payroll administrators, HR managers, CEOs, CIOs and other stakeholders.

James McKerrell, Chairman of the Association, says the intention this year is to showcase and reward local talent, and, at the same time, demonstrate the relevance of the organisation.

"We have a full programme this year, including a gala dinner to announce our award winners. The objective is to reflect on the maturity of the industry and to present an overview of how far South African payroll has come,' says McKerrell. "Our ongoing mandate is to entrench payroll as a profession and safeguard the interests of administrators throughout the marketplace.'

McKerrell and his fellow Directors believe that now is the time to honour those professionals who embody the qualities the Association continues to endorse, those who have contributed significantly to the development of the industry at large and who represent the very best talent and skills available.

In line with the main theme of reward and recognition, the event will also cover system development and the application of the latest technologies to improve payroll processes that help decision makers to build business. Speakers will discuss the correlation between a credible, effective system and a more structured payroll environment. They will also stress the vital role that effective payroll administration plays in ensuring that businesses are able to sustain operations.

Directors of the Payroll Association believe this year?s Conference marks a new chapter in the development of the organisation and its ongoing influence on the domestic industry.

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