SA to pursue investments, direct funds to job-creating programmes


Cabinet concerned by ports “go slow”

The President said, meanwhile, that Cabinet was concerned about reports of a slowdown in service delivery at some of the country’s ports.

“Cabinet is concerned at reports of a go-slow a some of our ports, particularly in the Eastern Cape, where operations have nearly ground to a halt.

“I have directed Ministers Gordhan and Patel to intervene and get our goods to their export destinations urgently. We cannot aim to grow an economy on the basis of exporting value-added products and then fail to meet our obligations to get goods to international markets safely and on time,” he said.

Cabinet was also concerned about growing reports of planned retrenchments by some of South Africa’s big firms.

“…We are engaging stakeholders and will be considering all available options to help our firms to retain as many jobs as possible without compromising their viability,” he said.

Implementing policy in a coherent manner to inspire certainty

The Presidency is required by the Constitution to implement national legislation and coordinate the functions of State departments and administrations.

It is also required to develop and implement national policy in a coherent and cohesive manner to remove policy uncertainty.

“In the past, this envisioned coordination has weakened. Frequent reshuffles of Ministers and a high turnover of senior managers at both national and provincial government has led to instability, misalignment and confusion.

“Public policy must be evidence-based and effectively coordinated. It is for this reason that as the centre of government, we are reconstituting the Policy Unit in the Presidency as the nerve centre of policy coordination,” he said.

The new unit will be leading evidence-based policymaking, liaising and operating with think-tanks and research institutions, and have line of sight on strategic policy interventions.

“The Policy Unit has already hit the ground running by working through the Cluster System and intergovernmental structures to ensure alignment of national and provincial priorities.

“In this regard, by the end of August we will have provincial Growth and Development Strategies that are fully aligned with the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF),” the President said.

Focus on youth employment

Meanwhile, in promoting youth employment in a focused manner, government will bring the weight of the Presidency behind the efforts of national and provincial departments, local government as well as business.

“We have a coordinated plan that will be rolled out across government with private sector partnerships.

“It is holistic because it incorporates the provision of workplace opportunities, the SETAs, as well as the Jobs Fund.

“It is inclusive because it involves working with our institutions of higher learning such as our TVETS, universities and colleges – and this by necessity includes a prioritisation of critical skills training,” President Ramaphosa said.

In so doing, the Presidency will be creating pathways not just for young people to obtain gainful employment in the formal economy, but to enable them to be self-employed as well. –