SACAP celebrates top students

Six graduates of the SACAP (the South African College of Applied Psychology) Psychology Honours programme have been offered highly sought-after places on the Masters programmes of three of the country’s major universities.

SACAP’s Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology Honours (BSocSciHons) was introduced in 2015 at both its Johannesburg and Cape Town campuses, and there were two intakes of students in that year. There are only a few psychology honours programmes in the country, relative to the number of prospective undergraduate applicants with undergraduate degrees.

BSocSci Honours in Psychology student Melissa Delport was accepted for a Masters in Psychology at two universities and will be joining the Masters in Psychology programme at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in 2017. Faranha Moosajee Isaacs and Sharon McKenzie, both graduates from the Cape Town campus, were also accepted into the Masters in Psychology programme at UWC in 2017.

Natalie Pretorius, who completed her Honours at SACAP in Johannesburg, has been accepted at the University of Johannesburg for Masters in Educational Psychology programme in 2017. Bilaal Eshak, who also graduated from the Johannesburg campus, was accepted for a Masters in Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2016.

Graduate Avril Spilka from the Johannesburg campus, distinguished herself this year by winning the Feminism and Psychology Award for Best Student Presentation at the PsySSA Congress 2016, which was based on her Honours research completed at SACAP in 2015. This research was on 'The psycho-social needs that the dental dam fulfils amongst women who have sex with women in Tshwane'. She has since been accepted into a Masters of Arts in Community-based Counselling Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand.

SACAP’s Heads of Teaching and Learning, Dr Diana De Sousa and Tapiwa Magodyo, are delighted that these two deserving SACAP graduates will be taking up further education opportunities at reputable, well-known universities where competition for places is incredibly rigorous. This is tangible evidence of the value of SACAP’s BSocSci Honours programme, and an important recognition from the wider higher education field that while still a new programme, SACAP’s honours programme is already delivering top results in the country.

SACAP’s Honours programme provides an important stepping stone, not only for its own undergraduates, but for those from other institutions as well, enabling them to purse Masters studies in cognate fields, mainstream psychology with the view to becoming registered psychologists.

With ever-increasing rates of mental illness and disorders, South Africa is in dire need of a robust mental health community that can address a wide range of needs from community all the way to institutional levels. “Through our growing offering of courses, SACAP is focused on playing a critical role in addressing trauma and dislocation in our society, and in building a more socially cohesive and empowered South Africa,” says Tapiwa Magodyo.

To find out more about the Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology Honours (BSocSciHons) programme visit SACAP