SARS eFiling: How To Retrieve Your Username & Password



Individuals employed in South Africa are obliged to pay their taxes through the South African Revenue Services. These tax services can be accessed by logging in to the online platform.




The government imposes income taxes on financial income generated by individuals and businesses to the government for the purpose of government activities.

This is done through the South African Revenue Services, this includes administering the country's tax system and customs service, also enforcing compliance with related legislation.

Individuals and businesses that pay taxes can manage and complete the process of paying taxes online, via SARS eFiling. 

However, tax payers need to make sure that they have an account with SARS, meaning that they also need to be in the possession of their unique tax number.

Through this online system, individuals and businesses are able to submit their tax returns, declarations and payments.

Since taxpayers use a username and password to access eFilling, they may use a SARS tutorial to retrieve their username and also reset their passwords.

Here’s what tax paying individuals and businesses should do when they have forgotten their username:

  1. Visit the eFilling website.
  2. Click on the Forgot Username tab.
  3. Fill in the required information, e.g. ID/passport number, contact details, registered tax number, etc. 
  4. Click on continue.
  5. Choose your preferred means of communication between an email or cell number, where the One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent.
  6. Capture the OTP and click submit.
  7. The username will be displayed on the screen

Here are the steps to retrieve a forgotten password:

  1. Click on the eFilling link.
  2. Click on the Forgot Password tab.
  3. Enter your username and click on next.
  4. Indicate if you want your OTP to be sent to your email or your cell number.
  5. Click on OK to authorise.
  6. Capture OTP and click on submit.
  7. Insert your new password, and retype it to confirm.
  8. Click on submit.
  9. This will be followed by the taxpayer receiving a message that confirms that your password has been successfully.

While paying taxes may not be ideal for some people, this is money that is paid into the National Revenue Fund and the tax money goes towards the country’s infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and roads.


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