SARS Extends Filing Season Deadline

Tax return on a laptop screen

Despite The South African Revenue Service (SARS) declaring that they are pleased with the amount of people who have submitted their tax returns, they have decided to extend the tax filing season.

The tax season was initially scheduled to close on 23 November 2021, but SARS has decided to extend the due date to 2 December 2021 for non-provisional individual taxpayers.

SARS explained that a decision was taken to extend the deadline due to the systemic challenges faced by taxpayers, with the main challenge being load shedding. They have warned taxpayers that they will face penalties should they miss the upcoming deadline.

The revenue service added, ‘As a result, the date for levying of penalties on taxpayers that have not filed their return, will be extended and implemented in January 2022’.

They said, ‘We urge taxpayers to use our convenient digital channels, namely, eFiling, SARS MobiApp, as well as the SMS service, which has the number 47277. By sending an SMS to this number, taxpayers can book an appointment at a SARS branch, check if they need to file a return and other services’.

Chief Revenue Officer at SARS, Johnstone Makhubu says despite the change in due date, the revenue service believes they have enough time to collect the money that is owed to them. He adds that normally people who are owed money by the revenue service are first to file their tax returns. However when people have debt, they will file their tax reuters later in the season.

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