Sassa Addresses Claims About Grant Top-Ups


Sassa recently made changes to its grant system and some have been spreading news about it.  There have been posts circulating about Sassa continuing with grant top-ups.

Sassa has come forward to dismiss these claims as fake news. 

Grant top-ups were announced as part of government's plan to make sure that all South Africans who relied on the grants were provided for. 

In November, Sassa announced that it would be discontinuing grant top-ups.

"All the top up amounts for the social grants (Old Age, Disability, War Veterans, Child Support, Foster Child and Care Dependency) have come to an end. The grant amounts as from November will revert to pre-covid amounts. There is no extension to the top up amounts." said Sassa. 

Advocate Jeremy Gauntlet SC argued that the R500 top-ups would cost the government R10.8 billion if they continued for three more months. 

Organisations like the Black Sash argued that millions of South Africans who relied on the grant top-ups would suffer.

“Over seven million beneficiaries of the Caregiver Grant, of which 98% are women, will be denied relief from the social and economic hardship and suffering brought on by the pandemic – all while the state of disaster remains firmly in place,” said National Director of the Black Sash Trust Lynette Maart.

The R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is the only temporary grant that was extended by Sassa. 

The SRD grant has been extended until January 2021. 

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