SASSA Aims To Pay Outstanding Grants By June


After facing many delays with paying beneficiaries their grants, SASSA has claimed it is making progress to get to the backlog. 

CEO of SASSA, Totsie Memela has confirmed that SASSA is working to pay all grants it owes to qualifying beneficiaries by June 2021.

Memela said SASSA has been struggling to keep up with making payments because of the many extensions the grant has been given. 

The grant was extended in October 2020 until January and then again in January until April 2021. 

"The challenge we have is that each time we have grants, we then have to extend all the different contracts we have whenever there's an extension. We therefore had to extend the contracts we had with banks...The challenge we have is for February and March because we had to validate each and every client that had applied for those months" she said. 

Validating the status of beneficiaries has caused even more delays, as two payments made in the same month can qualify as "irregular expenditure". 

Memela said SASSA has been trying to avoid this by following the correct procedures put in place. 

Some Post Offices have also been struggling to keep up with the many beneficiaries who visit the offices to claim funds from SASSA.

There have been cases of some beneficiaries visiting the post offices without receiving a text confirming that they have to collect funds. 

"It's a challenge that we've had for a while but it's a challenge we believe is resolvable in instances where we've actually advised people to go get the payment, except in instances when the cash is not available."

The Post Office has assured beneficiaries that the payments do not expire and beneficiaries can collect their payments when they receive communication from SASSA. 

SASSA Payment Dates For May:

Old persons - 4 May 2021

Disability grants - 5 May 2021

Children's grants - 6 May 2021



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