SASSA Grant: What Beneficiaries Can Expect


While the future of the R350 grant remains in the air, SASSA has given beneficiaries some reassurance about what they can expect over the next few months. 

SASSA has confirmed that it will keep paying out the grant to successful beneficiaries who applied before 30 April. 

In a statement, SASSA stated that no new applications for the grant would be accepted going forward. 

"However, all applications which have been approved and who have not yet received the money will still be paid" reads the statement. 

Those whose applications were declined by SASSA during February and April can appeal. 

All appeals can be done online by visiting the SASSA website at .

"If the appeal is not lodged, the declined application will not be reconsidered. The appeal period closes on 31 May 2021. No appeals will be accepted after this date."

SASSA has reassured beneficiaries of the R350 grant that the payment of the grant has no expiry date. 

Beneficiaries will be informed when their payments are available for collection at the Post Office and other outlets. 

Other SASSA grants will be paid out in May, on the following dates:

Old persons - 4 May 2021

Disability grants - 5 May 2021

Children's grants - 6 May 2021

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