Sassa Grants Have Increased



 Sassa grants have officially increased. This is following a recent announcement made by Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, during his budget speech in February. 

According to the Budget Review report, the increase officially took effect on 1 April 2021.

Grants have now increased by below inflation rates of between 1.0 and 3.4 percent.

  • Old age and disability grants will increase from R1 860 to R1 890 (1.6% increase)
  • Persons over the age of 75 and war veterans will both increase from R1 880 to R1 910 (1.6% increase)
  • Foster care will increase from R1 040 to R1 050 (1.0% increase)
  • Care dependency will increase from R1 860 to R1 890
  • Child support will increase from R445 to R460 from the current (3.4% increase).

Government expects the number of social grant beneficiaries to reach 9 million by 2022/2023.

“Total social grants are reduced by R5.8 billion in 2021/22, R10.7 billion in 2022/23 and R19.5 billion in 2023/24. All grant values will increase by less than inflation. The number of beneficiaries is expected to increase by about 300 000 people over the period,” reads the 2021 Budget Review report.

Payments will be made from 6 April to 8 April 2021 for the following grants: 

  • Old persons - 06 April 2021
  • Disability grants - 7 April 2021
  • Children's grants - 8 April 2021

The increase does not apply to the temporary R350 grant, as extended applications for the grant will close on 30 April 2021. 

You can apply for the R350 grant in one of the following ways:

Those who have already applied for the grant, do not need to reapply. Payments for the grant can be collected at the South African Post Office (SAPO) once beneficiaries receive approval and communication from Sassa.

The Post Office has ensured that all qualifying beneficiaries will receive payments, as there is no deadline for the payments. 

"Beneficiaries should also know that there is no deadline for them to collect their grant from the Post Office. The funds that are waiting for them do not expire and they can collect it later if it suits them." said SAPO in a statement. 

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