School Sports Allowed Under Level 1 Restrictions

children playing soccer

School sports are allowed to make a comeback under the new level 1 restrictions. The Department of Basic Education has released a gazette, explaining how these sports will take place. 

The following sports activities are allowed to take place:

(a) School sport matches;
(b) physical education;
(c) extra-curricular activities; and
(d) inter-school, district, provincial and national school sport tournaments.”; said the department in a gazette. 

Although these sports are officially allowed to take place, the department has warned that no spectators are allowed, as strict Covid-19 guidelines must be followed. 

This includes following social distancing measures related to restricting gatherings in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. 

Sports venues are expected to only have 1 controlled entrance, with temperature checks being done upon entrance. 

Hand sanitisers must be made available to everyone who enters the sports venue.

"For contact tracing purposes only, a register of all officials and learners from visiting and hosting schools who are attending a school match or event must be kept by the hosting school for at least 21 days and must contain the following information of officials and learners:
(i) Full names;
(ii) residential address;
(iii) cell phone number, telephone number or email address; and
(iv) contact details of the person or persons living in the same residence as the person attending training or a school match or event" said the department in a gazette. 

The maximum number of people allowed in an indoor venue is 100, while 250 people are allowed to be at an outdoor venue. 

"Championships, tournaments and inter-school sport matches that require learners to travel to other schools or provinces may resume without spectators: Provided that public schools are subject to compliance with the Regulation for Safety Measures in Public Schools, as published under Notice No. 1040 in Government Gazette No. 22754 of 12 October 2001."

As with all events, coaches and participants will be expected to wear masks at all times. 

The department has also guided schools to sanitise all equipment used during sport activities, before and after use. 



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