The secret about success, lucky breaks, and breakthroughs


In order to maximise performance, we need to move beyond our comfort zone to a place of optimal anxiety where we experience slightly higher stress levels than usual. This can be applied to any field or situation as follows:

1. Assess your current position or situation in terms of where you are now vs where you want to be.

2. Know that it’s going to take time. Don’t be fooled by the myth of talent or overnight success. Everyone has to pay the price of time and effort.

3. Breakdown your path into sections of manageable chunks where you tackle smaller tasks or sections.

4. Set aside study or work time to focus.

5. Be aware of your success at tackling the task and make the necessary adjustments to increase support.

6. Have patience.

7. Commit to doing it and feeling uncomfortable, knowing that stretching yourself is not always pleasant but you will develop greater competence as you continue.

“Achievement is the same for everyone. Keep in mind that the major barrier is often the emotional unease of not wanting to experience the initial discomfort,” says Rabson.

The trick is to reframe this discomfort and see it as a positive, necessary step to experience in order to achieve the end goal. As you move through your discomfort zone, you’ll find yourself feeling comfortable on the next level and the next, with a continuously evolving middle path, ” concludes Rabson.