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“The Services SETA makes grant funding available during a window period in which it accepts applications from the employers. The opening of this window is advertised on the SETA website, national and community media.

Discretionary funding is allocated to non-PIVOTAL programmes. Non-Pivotal Programmes are programmes which do not lead to credit bearing qualifications, however address key objectives and priorities of the SETA. Non-Pivotal programmes include Career Guidance and Sector Conferences.

The Purpose of the Discretionary Grants is to:

  • Enable the SETA to implement the Sector Skills Plan.
  • Assist the SETA to achieve its objectives in relation to the development of the sector.
  • Enable the SETA to address the scarce and critical Skills in the sector.” Services SETA

”Discretionary Grants are allocated at the sole discretion of the SETA Accounting Authority depending on the availability of funds, adherence to specific criteria as per the Services SETA Discretionary Grants Policy and Guidelines.

Learnerships for employed and unemployed people are a great way to increase your training spend as you can count the salary of the learner as a training expenditure in BEE. Through the learnership process, the employer is able to increase the level of skills of his/her employees and reclaim the cost of the learnership fees from their SETA. The current tax incentives also make it attractive for companies to pursue the learnership programs and utilise that value of the tax deduction.

The ideal way in which a company could acquire its full training spend is through unlocking the discretionary grants and accessing funds to address their training needs. When companies cut cost and stop spending the training budget is normally the first thing that disappears, however, this does not have to be the case when the SDF unlocks the potential of the discretionary grant and access the funding that the company should be rightfully claiming.” LabourNet

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