Should matric results be published?


The practice of publishing grade 12 learner names and results in the newspaper at
the end of the year has been placed under review due to the negative impact on
matrics who do not achieve.

The tradition that was intended to honour students for completing their final year
of schooling is bringing about "unintended consequences' according to a report by
the Ministerial Committee on the National Senior Certificate.

The NSC investigation revealed that, "the extreme embarrassment of candidates
who are not successful and are so publicly revealed as failures has serious
consequences, and there are cases annually of its leading to self-harm and even

As a result the ministerial committee has recommended that this practice be
eliminated and many other influential voices are supporting this proposal.

"Professor Maureen Robinson, dean of Stellenbosch University?s faculty of education,
said that while publishing results was traditional and looked forward to, she agreed
the practice should be reconsidered.'

"Associate Professor Rob Sieborger of UCT?s school of education said he regarded
the publication of results as a very dated practice.'

"The practice has also been sharply criticised by the Congress of SA Students
(Cosas), which says it infringes pupils? right to privacy.'

The idea would be to focus on individual success stories as opposed to publishing
all the performance results of students and schools.

The ministerial committee put forward a list of recommendations including an
increase in the pass mark and the removal of life orientation as a subject, among

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is expected to comment on the
recommendations after meeting with the council of education ministers next month.

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Should the matric results be published?

Source: Matric: no more
names in paper?