The significance of skills development in industry

How did you learn to ride a bicycle? From a text book?..Definitely not. This skill is learnt by practicing, usually with the help of someone experienced, then falling off, making mistakes until that wonderful moment when you cycle unaided and know you are on your way to mastering this skill.

Skills development is no different. This learning to ride a bicycle analogy is used by Cobus Potgieter the founder of the MSC Education Group. Cobus started MSC Business College in 1991 because he saw the need for hands on practical training.

This remains a core need in the country as graduates from institutions of all types tend to enter the workplace with a lot of book knowledge and very little know how to actually get the job done.

Corporate companies and businesses do not have time to retrain new entrants into the workplace and have expectations that these young people are equipped with certain skills. Because of the lack of these “bicycle riding skills” businesses are reluctant to employ graduates or people with no experience.

To address this MSC Business College uses a unique form of blended learning, COLE (Career Orientation Learning Experience), to develop and enhance the necessary practical application as well as critical soft skills such as required in the workplace.

The top soft skills required by corporates are communication, team building, a good work ethic, problem solving and critical thinking.

All these concepts are integrated into the various modes of delivery at MSC to develop holistic individuals. Technology plays a major role in the classroom as well pre and post contact sessions. Interactivity on various levels is key.

The flipped classroom and the virtual classroom form part of MSC’s delivery mode which prepares trainees with the necessary components required by the workplace in terms of Mind, Skill and Character (MSC).

If we are to impact business and the economy we need to use the “Learning to ride a bicycle” adage and there is no better way than to do this through an authentic and well-structured blended approach.

MSC Business College – Corporate Training