Skills Development Summit: Time to raise the bar

The Skills Development Summit 2020 will unveil a pragmatic vision of skills development, which integrates the need to develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy. This vision will be set within a framework of inclusivity and social transformation, and will be displayed against the backdrop of international competition, which represents the bar to which South Africans need to aspire to raise themselves. It’s a game-changing vision, and the Skills Development Summit will provide the workshop in which an exciting economic future will be forged for industries and the nation as a whole.

As the 13th skills development summit approaches, 2020 is set to highlight the ever increasing need for investment in skills development in the face of new trends, issues and skills shortages. The summit aims to provide answers and solutions to the many challenges facing South Africa.

Skills Development Programs
Currently South Africa faces an ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers in almost every sector. This highlights the importance in the investment of skills development programs to address these shortfalls and add much needed capacity to our economy. There is a need for Development within a framework of inclusivity and development that is transformative.

Within this framework is the need for the empowerment of women and those with disabilities. Currently women account for 57% of those unemployed and such gender imbalances hamper efforts to grow a sustainable economy.

Already there has been a drive to empower women in various sectors such as science, technology and tourism, as well as giving women from impoverished communities entrepreneurial and workmanship skills in order to make them self sustainable.

A key issue facing our country is the future of the youth, who face uncertainty and high unemployment rates. The investment in developing the youth provides a stable future foundation for our economy as traditional qualifications and job criteria are being replaced with technology. The skills summit aims to highlight the importance of the creation of suitably qualified individuals to play a key role in our evolving economy.

As the business world moves to an increasingly technological and digital era, so too must the development in digital skills increase. Currently South Africa is ranked 65th out of 139 countries in ICT infrastructure and skills, yet nonetheless suffer from very low rates of digital literacy. Investment in these skills will aid the country in building a new digital economy.

The issues raised in this summit impact all stakeholders from the employee to government. It is an event of national importance that is why the Skills Development Summit is an event not to be missed for every serious player in the skills development space.

The Skills Development Summit offers an exciting range of opportunities for you to show your support and commitment to the skills agenda. You can choose from the list of options below or contact us for a package that will fit the objectives of your organisation.
• Attend the conference as a delegate
• Be an exhibitor
• Become an event sponsor

The Summit will take place from the 4th and 5th March 2020. at the CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria. For more information Contact Rudi Balie: 021 681 7000 | [email protected]