Snippets on SONA from Grant Thornton


Andrew Hannington, CEO of Grant Thornton Johannesburg, provides
commentary and snippets following President Jacob Zuma?s State of the Nation
Address Tuesday 17 June 2014:

"Overall we are encouraged by last night?s State Of The Nation Address.
President Jacob Zuma focused on the core areas which need to be addressed in
South Africa over the next five years.'

"In his assessment of the economy, Zuma managed to address many of the
country?s priority areas, including intentions to address the current ills in the
economy, such as labour, education, employment concerns and on resolving
unrest in the mining sector to restore stability for future growth and

"I am pleased with the President?s focus on economic growth and on
rebuilding areas in government where there is corruption.'

"However, the four key sectors which keep the South African economy
turning are mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing and I am
disappointed that the President failed to make any mention of manufacturing.
This is a core sector for growth and stability in South Africa.'

"If President Jacob Zuma delivers on 50% of what he has promised in last
night?s address, by 2019, the country will definitely be in a better place. There
are many citizens and public servants that would be pleased with last night?s
delivery and we trust that government will be able to deliver on at least 50% of
what has been agreed.'