South Africa On Track To Securing Covid-19 Vaccine



More than 800 000 Covid-19 cases have been recorded in South Africa and people are eager for a vaccine. Many countries are taking steps towards securing a vaccine and South Africa is one of them. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the government is working with its partners to make the vaccine available in all countries, including South Africa. 

“We continue to collaborate with our partners in the international community to ensure that all countries have access to an effective and affordable vaccine,” the President said.

The Solidarity Fund will be making a contribution of R327 million towards securing the vaccine for South Africa. 

“We are participating in the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Global Vaccine Access Facility – known as the COVAX Facility – which aims to pool resources and share vaccine development risk, and thus ensure equitable access to vaccines when they become available,” President Ramaphosa said.

Results from three trials of candidate vaccines have been very promising. The success rate of the candidate vaccines ranges from 70% to 95%. 

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) will be reviewing and approving applivations from developers. 

“We await confirmation from medicine regulators that these vaccines are safe, effective and suitable for our needs,” President Ramaphosa said.

The summer festive season is a very busy time in South Africa and large gatherings can be tempting, but the President has warned that large gatherings can be super-spreader events.

“Each of us needs to ensure we take precautions to avoid spreading the virus to our families, especially our elders. We should keep gatherings small, have them outside or in well ventilated venues, ensure social distancing and wear masks as much as possible,” President Ramaphosa said.

The President has warned South Africans to continue protecting themselves against Covid-19, as the vaccines are still being developed and have not yet been distributed. 

“Just as we did in the early days of the pandemic, let us stand together and let us work together. Just as we know that a second wave is possible, we know too that it is not inevitable."

Covid update

The total recorded number of cases now stands at 800 872, this is an increase of 4 400 new cases since the last report.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said 94 deaths have recently been reported in different provinces. 

  • Eastern Cape - 42
  • Western Cape - 28.
  • Free State - 11
  • Gauteng - 8
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal - 5

The total number of people who have died from Covid-19 now stands at 21 803

"We extend our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the healthcare workers that treated the deceased patients." said Minister Mkhize

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