Speak up:effective business presentations for success

Roman poet Horace once said; “Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled.” In today’s business world, this has never been more accurate. In a highly sensitive and vocal society, it is essential that communication, public speaking and business presentation skills are built. This not only bolsters the reputation of both the speaker and the organisation s/he represents but ensures that a professional approach is taken too.

To drive the development of these skills, the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Fasset) is launching its Effective Business Presentation and Public Speaking training events in February 2019. The goal is to empower participants to be able to prepare an effective presentation. The training will cover all of the elements of effective public speaking; from structuring the message correctly, to preparing to present, delivering the presentation, and fielding audience feedback.

According to Zandile Skosana, Communications Manager at Fasset; “Good public speaking is a vital element of effective communication. Modern businesses increasingly recognise that the ability to present, negotiate, inform or convince is vital to the success and development of an organisation, both internally and externally. Experts tell us that public speaking ranks highest on the list of situations people fear most (followed by death!). Overcoming this fear requires education and practice, practice, practice!”

The informative sessions are aligned with SAQA Unit standard 242840, NQF 4; Credits 2, and will cover the use of verbal/oral communication skills to make an effective presentation; the use of non-verbal communication to reach audience; the use and maintenance of good poise during a presentation; and how to handle questions and overcome objections. Delegates will be issued a Certificate of Attendance.

“Many presentations fail not because the content is weak, but because the delivery thereof is poor,” confirms Skosana. “These training events will equip attendees with the necessary presenting skills to persuade the audience by confidently presenting ideas, recommendations, opinions and proposals. No presentation will achieve its desired level of success unless the presenter gets the audience to hear what s/he is saying, understand the content, agree with the presenter’s point of view and take action.”

Fasset confirms that these “Effective Business Presentation and Public Speaking” training events will assist members to present confidently, effectively, audibly and professionally. All Lifelong Learning Workshops are offered at no cost to all Fasset registered members. To register for the Effective Business Presentation and Public Speaking workshop, please visit Fasset