Street Wisdom – answers are everywhere


CorporateWise offers an immersive half-day experience that takes place outside, on the streets.
Our toolkit and bespoke training sessions give facilitators the ability to roll out Street Wisdom within an entire workplace – inspiring whole companies to use the streets as a source of new ideas.

This is how the experience unfolds...

Choose a Question.

Each person chooses a question they would like some fresh thinking. This can be a mix of questions or a question a team needs an answer to.

Tune up your senses.

Members of the group are guided through a series of short exercises that are designed to “tune up” their senses so they can tune into themselves and the world around them.

Gather + Share.

At the end, the group gathers together in a facilitated strategy session and, with the help of a trained Facilitator, shares their experience by reflecting on what happened, what they learned and how they might apply the insights and inspiration back to the question they brought to the

Look for Answers.

Each person then sets off on their own Quest in search of insights, ideas and inspiration that will help them answer their question, paying attention to the signs, signals, clues and invitations they receive from the streets.

Answers are everywhere!

Street Wisdom is a global run all over the world from the UK to Amsterdam, France to India.

Google – Best of the Fest

“The street is a powerful place. The session with David was the best-reviewed item of our Google Summerfest!”

Samsung – From Stores to Experiences

“A life-changing experience which has changed all of my team’s perspective on people.” 

Ogilvy – Inspiration in Stockholm

“This was a truly different and inspiring session, and I will continue to follow this and try and practice it whenever I can, alone and also with others.” 

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