Stress kills women every day

“Stress is the trash of modern life-we all generate it but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” ― Danzae Pace

Numerous research done indicate that stress can kill us. Every 80 seconds approximately one woman dies from cardio vascular decease or a stroke. According to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is now the leading cause of death of women in the US. It can’t be very different to us here in South Africa.

Stress levels of women are increasing. In a Sunday Times article published in November 2017, Shantini Naidoo wrote, “stress and lifestyle diseases are killing SA women.” She states that we as SA Women are basically killing ourselves with our pace of life. Women work the most hours a day around the world, for less money and do unpaid housework on top of everything. They exercise less and have less time allocated for recreation or ‘me-time’.

When you speak to women in general, whether they work full time or stay at home, there are add-ons to their to-do lists like, doing homework with the kids, cooking, cleaning and keeping up with the various daily schedules and logistics. Most of these responsibilities automatically go to women.

Stress creates more stress. Most of us want it all and are constantly being told that we can have it all, if we work hard enough for it. Therefore, we sacrifice basic needs and wants by taking on extra work and responsibilities. Women don’t practice self-care. They neglect themselves.

Stress affects women differently than men, because women are often more pressured than men to have it all together and cope. Dr. Shani McGraves, who is a licensed Psychotherapist, said that women are expected to land the great job, marry the ideal partner, maintain meaningful friendships, and keep a healthy body that adheres to narrow beauty standards…all the time while chasing their own dreams or even are asked to stop chasing their dreams.

How can women lessen their stress levels? There are obviously many tips and tools available, but start with these two basic guidelines. Number one is to stop worrying what others think about you and the other is to stop trying to do everything perfectly.

There are so many things in our lives that cause stress. Although stress is a natural reaction of the body to deal with these negative pressures, it is a very dangerous problem women across the globe are faced with. The good news is that stress is manageable.

Stress is useful sometimes, but can take over your life very quickly and especially in the workplace. If you want to learn how our courses on Time and Stress Management is a great place to start. Visit, email [email protected] or phone us on 010 110 0227 for more information.