Students Demand NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS office

Students at the Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein are protesting, demanding for their allowances to be paid. 

The students, funded by the National Students Financial Aid Scheme, are accusing the university of intentionally delaying payments.

According to a student leader at the protest, the university has failed to send registration templates to NSFAS. 

This has resulted in students being unfunded by NSFAS before they have completed their qualifications. 

Some students have come forward, saying they have been evicted from their residences for failing to make payments on time. 

"We reject the appointment of Fundi as a third party because we need the institution to have the capacity to distribute the student allowances in time. If there's anything the institution must do, they must hire more staff there at Finance so that they can be able to issue allowances on time"  said one student leader. 

Students at the protest also voiced their concerns about the institution's appointed Vice Chancellor. One of their demands includes making the Vice Chancellor of CUT to step down from his position. 

The institution has been urged to act as soon as possible to address the funding problems students are facing. 

"We have tried to engage the university management but they don't recognise us because they are saying they only speak to SRC, and as students we don't recognise the CUT SRC. That is why one of the demands is to say we want free and fair elections, because the SRC that is in today was not voted for by students. It was imposed on us by the management. 

In response to the protest, the university has decided to suspend academic activities from Wednesday until next Friday.

"The recess period will be used for formulating feasible solutions to the recurring student-related matters. Students will be encouraged to self-quarantine upon returning to the university residences and private accommodation facilities" said the university in a statement.



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