Study mate to assist learners


The Department of Education in collaboration with Independent Newspapers, Media 24 and Avusa Media (Johncom) will publish study mate over the next 33 weeks.

Study mate is a Department of Education's publication that was developed in 2007, as part of the recovery plan to assist learners to catch up with teaching time lost during the public service in 2007.

The first issue will be published , 17 March 2008. Study mate is for grades 11 and 12 learners and will appear in the Star, Cape Argus, Pretoria News, Daily News, Isoleswe, Diamond Fields, Daily Sun, Sowetan, Daily Dispatch and EP Herald.

Free copies will also be made available to schools via the district offices. Due to their positive impact and popularity on learners, teachers and parents, the Council of Education Minister's meeting took a decision to make them a permanent feature in the Education system.

The first edition of study mate will feature the October and November examination timetable as well as other tips and guidelines to assist learners to plan for the year and ensure a successful 2008. The remainder of the 32 weeks will feature examinations, tests and tips for grade 11 and 12 learners.

Learners are encouraged to get a free copy of their study mate and complete all tasks and activities.