Technology and training can solve many labour-related headaches - Accsys


South Africa is no stranger to labour dispute and issues that have plagued the mining and agricultural sectors of late reflect growing concern over the rights of workers and the need to balance these with efforts to sustain operations. The potential behind HR and payroll management technology should not be overlooked as stakeholders try to find practical, lasting solutions claim experts in business management.

With a Gauteng Head Office, Accsys is a member of the Business Connexion Group (BCX) and national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time and attendance space.

The company?s CEO, Teryl Schroenn, says that if strategically positioned and in line with the requirements of the business, there is no doubt that technology can help decision makers manage critical resources more effectively.

"Human resource management, within a corporate organisation, has evolved. With the advances in corporate governance requirements, the case for investing in solutions to help automate processes and procedures is strong.

If one takes this a level further, payroll is very much at the epicentre of any business? operation, without a well-organised payroll in place, the risk of mismanagement and disorganisation quickly escalates. This is where a payroll strategy has to come into play,' says Schroenn.

Pending legislation, such as the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill, will most certainly impact business management going forward.

The HR and payroll industry has advanced to provide centralised solutions that are based on the offer of multi-functionality across a single platform.

The focus is on seamless integration of various modules, automated management to extract and manipulate information, self-service employee and employer functionality, and systems that are based on using Business Intelligence (BI) to enhance operations.

"Data is really the core focus for any sized organisation or business. How quickly and accurately can this data be sourced and processed, organised and retrieved? What is required and when? These are the questions that are applicable to any company, be it in mining or government or retail or manufacturing for that matter,' Schroenn adds.

However, one of the more profound influences on HR and payroll today has to be the cloud and cloud-based services.

There is growing interest in being able to source these services in the cloud because of the cost benefit of offsite management, access to these services, if and when required.

Cost management and having to "do more with less? are important considerations for businesses. Having the right software, hardware and systems in place can only improve the overall efficiency of operations and lead to higher levels of output from resources.

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