Telecommunications power pack launched for SMEs

Vox Telecom has today launched a specialised suite of solutions, aimed at
delivering scalable, flexible and more importantly cost effective
telecommunications to the growing small and medium enterprise (SME) market.

According to Jacques du Toit, CEO at Vox Telecom, SMEs continue to be the
driving force behind South Africa?s economic growth but shouldn?t be required to
make do with generalised enterprise or mass adopted consumer ICT solutions.

Says du Toit, "As the engine room of our economy, the growing SME market,
requires solutions that will relieve some of the operational obligations facing
small and medium business owners, tailored to meet their specific organisational

It means taking a more consultative approach with SMEs, designing and
delivering solutions that empower business owners to focus on driving
sustainable business and economic growth.'

The Vox Telecom Small Business Power Pack, includes a solution that
reduces outbound call costs as well as tailor-made, customisable solutions for
PBX, video conferencing, email marketing and mobile data. It has been
developed as a means of simplifying and removing some of the barriers to entry,
as well as cost effectively delivering world class solutions to the local SME

"We want to be seen as a telecommunication solutions partner to small
businesses. To power their businesses, so that they can focus on growing
them,' concludes du Toit.