Temporary Grant Applicants Can Appeal Sassa's Decision


Sassa has encouraged beneficiaries of the temporary disability grant to appeal the recent suspension of the grant. 

 A total of 210 778 disability grants were suspended due to the end of the previous extension and Sassa running out of funds.

Sassa has urged beneficiaries to go to their nearest Sassa office with a detailed referral report from their doctor. 

The agency has confirmed that all applicants who apply for disability grants that are awarded temporarily have the right to appeal Sassa's decision.

“This must be done within 90 days of being informed of the outcome of the application. If the reconsidered decision is still unfavourable, then the applicant has the right to appeal to the Independent Appeals Tribunal. This again, must be done within 90 days of receiving the reconsidered outcome,” said Sassa in a statement.

The report to appeal the suspension must show how the applicant's medical condition or disability is impacting their life. 

The information in the referral report along with a medical assessment and a means test, will then be used to determine whether or not the applicant will receive the grant. 

The temporary disability grant is usually awarded for a period of 6 to 12 months.

“The Sassa staff will then take the personal and contact details of the client, and contact him/her to confirm when he/she can return to the office to complete the process,” said Sassa in a statement.

“The new award may be for a temporary or permanent period, depending on the circumstances of each applicant,” said Sassa

Sassa said it is aware of the inconvenience the suspension of the grants has caused, and it is working to provide for the beneficiaries.

“The inconvenience caused by the suspension of the temporary grants, particularly at this time, is acknowledged. However, compliance to the legislation and the cost implications have informed this challenging decision,” said Sassa. 

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