Tertiary Education is Broken: a Response

Earlier this week we published an opinion piece titled "Crisis Point: Tertiary Education is Broken", about some of the problems facing universities in South Africa.

Yesterday (25 April 2017), I received an email from Sinenhlanhla Manana, who shared their story. See it below:

Dear Connor

I could write a story about the topic at hand, but to briefly share my experience, I to suffered from the issues mention such as financial strains, terrible health, unbearable workload, qualification I didn't want, I too often feel lost in the world with no direction, I remember a lot times standing in nsfas queues while I was ill and being turned away. I also suffered a personal loss, I lost my twin brother through epilepsy while at university and since then I was lost. It often hard to cope with life's challenges, I don't even remember having a social life, because I was always taking care of my brother or trying to juggle my university studies. I could afford my textbooks, laptop or useful resource due to fincial strain. I hope what I'm writing helps inspire someone else to help a student on need. I feel its not enough done by universities to help student get ready for job place. Universities should have relations or prior commitment with companies about the courses they offer, for employment training. It took me a year to find an internship & and right I'm unemployed searching for job. Its frustrating how a student can spend years in an educational institute and still have no way of find work. So Connor I could say a lot but my heart is buried under frustration. I hope this message finds the right recipient.

Yours Truly
Sinenhlanhla Manana