Is there a right way to wear a N95 mask?


Yes, there is - for maximum protection, here's how to wear your N95 respirator during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remember to wash your hands before taking the mask out of its packaging. Avoid touching the inside of the respirator.

  1. Hold the respirator in one hand with the index finger positioned on the nose clip.
  2. Put the respirator over your face and make sure that the nose strip of the respirator is positioned as close to your nose as possible to prevent any gaps
  3. Pull each ear band behind the ear
  4. Use both hands to adjust the straps to ensure it fits snugly

Then, perform the air test to make sure you are wearing it correctly:

  • Use your hands to cover the outside of the mask and exhale. If you feel air leaking from the nose location, tighten the nose clip and repeat the process.
  • If you feel air leaking from the edges of the mask, re-adjust the ear bands to ensure a snug fit and try again.

If the respirator does not seal well to your face, airborne droplets can enter through the gaps.

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