Time management and "big picture" thinking

How a leader manages his or her time is one of the most important aspects of the job.

Time Management, however, is somewhat of a misnomer. Each and every one of us, whether the leader of a huge corporation, or the janitor at a fisheries, has 24 hours in the day to do what needs doing.

No amount of effort will ever increase this number, and so we therefore need to learn to manage ourselves more effectively within the time we are given.

Poor time management can manifest in many, many ways, and can have a profound effect on the performance of many different areas of the business.

Some of the ways in which poor time management manifests include:

Ineffective meetings
Failure to delegate
Focusing on urgent tasks instead of important tasks
Lack of effective procedures and policies

All of the above leads to a slow-down in organisational efficiency and can force the leader into a reactive, instead of proactive, state.

Leaders who are constantly busy putting out fires, as it were, are unable to do any of the “big-picture” thinking that leads to real organisational growth.

With proper time management, however, the opposite is true, and leaders are afforded the time for long-term planning and strategic development, both of their employees as well as the organisation as a whole.

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