Time management tips for project leaders


“Time is an expensive resource” says project management specialist Dennis Comninos. It is an irreplaceable commodity that needs to be used wisely.

“It is a fact that improper time management leads to stress, burnout and eventually risks your health.”

You can avoid procrastination and time-wasting and improve productivity simply by having a plan says Comninos.

Project management

There is a strong link between project management and time management, in fact according to Comninos the two are “intertwined”.

“If you do not have the discipline of managing your own time effectively, then how can you effectively manage the time of others and the project schedule?”

There are three major factors that contribute to successful time and project management. Comninos lays out the keys to creating a schedule that is practical and accurate.


When establishing a schedule the first thing project managers should look at is ‘sequencing’.

In every project there are tasks that must be performed according to the technical and logical order.

Sequencing is determined by what needs to be done and cannot really be altered or manipulated.

For example, when building a house the walls must be completed before the roof can be constructed. This forces workers to adhere to an existing order.


Most estimates tend to be based on time spent. However that does not always provide an accurate prediction for project completion.

‘It is effort that produces output and not the elapse of time.”

Workers may be hired for 8 hours a day, but in reality the amount of hours worked per day will vary.

Project managers need to be realistic about the degree of effort that workers will produce over the course of the project.

The elements of risk, contingency and complexity also need to form part of the overall planning and time estimation.


"We tend to do the easiest things first."

According to Comninos effective prioritisation starts by looking at the value of the task.

He urges project managers to begin with high value, low difficulty tasks.

Good prioritisation can be undermined by procrastination so self -discipline and focus are instrumental to succeeding as a project leader.

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