Tips To Help You Discover Your Career Passion

Whether you are finishing high school or considering a mid-career change these tips will help you discover your passion in life and follow the right path.

Career Coach Jonathan Milligan talks about the three areas that you need to investigate when planning your career.

The first area is your natural strengths

“These are the things that come easy to you.” Our natural strengths often go unnoticed because we successfully do these activities without thinking. When you operate outside of your strengths the task or activity will demand a lot of mental and physical energy.

If you are constantly tired, frustrated or worn out from doing your work, you are probably not working in your strengths. They way you feel after you have completed a task or while you are performing it is a good indicator of whether or not you are exercising your natural ability.

It might be a good idea to ask friends and family members to point out your strengths. Feedback from others can be surprising when we realize that the things we naturally do well might be difficult for others.

The second area to consider is your personality type

Very often people choose a career according to the perceived security or employment opportunities linked to that profession. In South Africa especially there is a tendency to base career decisions on the earning potential of a job or the lifestyle that it represents.

We force ourselves into positions that don't fit our personality, even going so far as to change who we are to meet the expectations of others.

For example people who are quite and introspective would not flourish in work environments that require networking or lots of social interaction. ”...what happens is we end up frustrated because we are trying to become something that we're really not”.

Finally you should know your passion or interests

In the last decade 'finding your passion' has become a hot topic and many people now feel a degree of pressure to know all their likes and dislikes.

But discovering your interests can be as simple as walking into a bookstore and noting the subjects you gravitate towards.

Once you have established these three traits the aim is to find the point where you strengths, personality and passions meet. By doing this you will find a job that gives you energy, ignites your passion and brings out the best in you. You are also more likely to succeed as you will work hard and do more than is required because of a deeper internal motivation.